Kinetic Recovery Poultice

Kinetic Recovery Poultice

Uniquely formulated to combat inflammation directly at the source, combined with a special blend of the finest ingredients critical for muscle and tendon conditioning. Maintaining optimal leg, fetlock, and hoof function is crucial in an industry that is defined by champion performance. Prevent training setbacks by preserving what matters most - your horse's fitness and soundness.

  • Ensure the area is clean and free of debris.
  • Apply generous coat of Poultice directly to affected area.
  • Do not exceed 24 hours.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Re-apply as needed.

Our Poultice Explained

The Recovery Poultice which is our unique proprietary formula is founded around the fundamental principles of stimulating the body's natural healing responses. Thereby offsetting discomfort brought about from physical stress, and accelerating recovery time. This approach has incredibly altered the way we've cared for horses over the past half century. It's creation is made possible through the collective knowledge and expertise of world class trainers whom have dedicated their careers toward excellence in the equine industry.

The Process

The superior results this poultice has proven to illicit is made possible due to the synergy of each ingredient working together. A naturally cooling clay is infused with the essential additives that combine to illicit critical physiological responses necessary to soothe overworked joints, tendons, muscle groups, and hooves. It begins by suppressing the inflammatory response and swelling process, while inhibiting free radicals from collecting around the site of injury. Removing those critical elements from the affected area ushers in the second phase of care in the horse's recovery process. A powerful blend minerals and additives take action to perform their symphony of duties. Allowing for enrichment of oxygen, blood flow, and nutrient delivery to be maximized over the course of the next several hours. By working at a cellular level our poultice provides an enhanced effectiveness within the healing response of the compromised soft tissue.

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