Just wanted to send you a short note about your product Kinetic Recover Poultice. We have had great success with shins, ankles, and post op surgery sights. Your product is easy to apply, and stays on well under bandage. You may want to think about developing a foot poultice similar to this product. Thanks again for thinking of us, we are very pleased with results.


Caroline Webster - Head trainer

-Webster Training Center-

Hey Lance!

I just wanted to give you a shout a let you know how amazing your poultice has been on our show jumpers (and that I need some more!). I can see the biggest difference of course in our older competition horses since they can tend to struggle with soundness as the season goes on. We use it pretty much daily as either a sweat or a cold poultice on these guys, one horse in particular I was thinking his career would be done after last season as we couldn't seem to keep his front right tight and he was visibly lame on it. After about 5 days of 12 hour poulticing with your product I put that horse back into light work, 2 weeks with it and he was jumping again, and now with it as my go to I can always rely on him feeling good and his legs super tight in the morning after he has been worked. In 3 years we haven't seen him in this good of shape! I will be picking up some more tubs next time I'm in the area as my whole barn is now exclusively poulticing with it so we are burning through it.

Thanks for giving our old man a second shot as a show horse and keeping my whole barn sound and tight!

Holly Hayman-Brennan

Con Brio Show Jumping - Head Trainer
Con Brio Farm

I was fortunate enough to be one of the handful of people that had the opportunity to use this poultice in its original formula. It was far superior than anything you could buy at the time. Today's formula is all that, but with enhanced result. Plus the benefits of easier application and removal. From hoof packing to post work or preventative race treatment to injury management, it just does it better.

Jeffery Zeek

Licensed trainer 33yrs.

I have observed over the past thirty years two generations of the Zeek family apply the above poultice to numerous TB race horse injuries, predominantly soft tissue injurys. The technology and formulation is sound and restores normal function in a reasonable period of time. I recommend that this formula be shared with the equine industry as a safe mode of restoration to normal function of soft tissue injurys.